• Dr. Jonathan Kelly


    Prof. Kelly is the Director of the STARS Laboratory, and has research interests in 3D computer vision, probabilistic modelling, estimation theory, and machine learning.

  • Dr. Ahmad Bilal Asghar

    Postdoctoral Fellow

    Ahmad is interested in the application of optimization and graph algorithms in various robotics domains, including perception and mapping. He obtained his Ph.D. from Waterloo in ECE.

Current Students 
  • Brandon Wagstaff

    Ph.D. Student

    Brandon is working on improving visual and inertial navigation methods using machine learning techniques.

  • Trevor Ablett

    Ph.D. Student

    Trevor is working on learning-based modelling techniques for mobile manipulator task execution in collaborative environments.

  • Oliver Limoyo

    Ph.D. Student

    Oliver is working on enabling mobile manipulators to learn how to interact with unstructured and dynamic environments.

  • Filip Maric

    Ph.D. Student

    Filip is exploring the connection between estimation and planning in collaboration with the LAMoR group at the University of Zagreb.

  • Matthew Giamou

    Ph.D. Student

    Matthew is working on theoretical performance guarantees for safe robotic perception and state estimation.

  • Emmett Wise

    Ph.D. Student

    Emmett is working on sensing and localization methods for mobile vehicles using radar.

  • Olivier Lamarre

    Ph.D. Student

    Olivier is working on energy-aware planning for planetary rovers using surface and orbital data in cooperation with NASA JPL.

  • Adam Hall

    Ph.D. Student

    Adam is working on interactive perception algorithms for mobile manipulators in collaboration with the Dynamic Systems Laboratory at UTIAS.

  • Abhinav Grover

    M.A.Sc. Student

    Abhinav is working on incorporating tactile sensing into active perception systems.

  • Chris Grebe

    M.A.Sc. Student

    Chris is designing observability- and noise-aware state estimators for aerial and ground robots.

  • Philippe Nadeau

    M.A.Sc. Student

    Philippe is studying how robotic interactions could be leveraged to improve models of the environment.

  • Andrej Janda

    M.A.Sc. Student

    Andrej is designing a new generation of lidar-specific semantic mapping algorithms for indoor environments.

  • Kelly Zhu

    Undergraduate Research Student
  • Petra Alexson

    Undergraduate Research Student
  • Justin Tomasi

    Master's Student (2020)

    Justin investigated methods for increasing the robustness of visual motion estimation for high-speed robot platforms.

  • Soroush Khoubyarian

    Undergraduate Research Student (2020)

    Soroush helped to devise several algorithms for certifiably optimal estimation. Now B.A.Sc. student in Engineering Science at U of T.

  • Jason Wang

    Undergraduate Research Student (2020)

    Jason worked on visual docking algorithms for our autonomous tail-sitter aerial vehicle.

  • Hudson Schier

    Undergraduate Thesis Student (2020)

    Hudson worked on rover autonomy software as part of the U of T Robotics for Space Exploration competition team.

  • Yuchen Wu

    Undergraduate Thesis Student (2020)

    Yuchen examined reinforcement learning in cooperation with Prof. Florian Shkurti at UTM. Now an M.A.Sc. student in Prof. Tim Barfoot’s group at UTIAS.

  • Valentin Peretroukhin

    Ph.D. Student (2020)

    Valentin studied ways to improve visual localization through the use of deep learning. Now a postdoc in Nick Roy’s group at MIT CSAIL.

  • Lee Clement

    Ph.D. Student (2020)

    Lee investigated how learning can be used to enable long-term visual navigation. Now a Software Engineer at Oxbotica, Toronto.

  • Shui Song Luar

    Undergraduate Exchange Student (2019)

    Shui Song visited us from NTU, Singapore, to work on semantic segmentation and mapping for manipulation tasks.

  • Juraj Peršić

    Visiting Doctoral Student (2019)

    Juraj worked on mm-wave radar as part of ongoing research for his PhD in the LAMoR group at the University of Zagreb.

  • Brian Aly

    Undergraduate Thesis Student (2019)

    Brian developed extensions to our deep appearance modelling framework. Now a Machine Learning Engineer at Google, Mountain View.

  • Richard Seo

    Undergraduate Thesis Student (2019)

    Richard worked on an advanced SLAM package for the RSX Rover Challenge Team at U of T. Now a Software Engineer at IBM, Markham.

  • Ray Qureshi

    Undergraduate Research Student (2019)

    Ray developed tools to support visual navigation of our tail sitter aerial platform. Now at Uber, San Francisco.

  • Ziye (Gaven) Ma

    Undergraduate Thesis Student (2019)

    Ziye applied convex optimization to robot mapping problems. Currently a Ph.D. student in Prof. Somayeh Sojoudi’s lab at UC Berkeley.

  • Erin Richardson

    Undergraduate Research Student (2018)

    Erin worked on improving simulation tools for our mobile manipulator platform. Now a PEY student at MDA Robotics in Brampton.

  • Tobias Ulrich

    Master's Exchange Student (2018)

    Tobias completed his Master’s at the STARS lab on exchange from ETH Zurich. He worked on human-robot cooperative manipulation.

  • Jordan Marr

    Master's Student (2018)

    Jordan worked on spatiotemporal calibration algorithms for lidar-camera and lidar-IMU sensor pairs. Now at NVIDIA, Santa Clara.

  • David (Yilun) Wu

    Undergraduate Research Student (2018)

    David designed our autonomous Phoenix open source tail-sitter aerial vehicle fully from scratch! Now an M.A.Sc. student at ETH Zurich.

  • Thomas Kingsford

    Undergraduate Thesis Student (2018)

    Thomas worked on various methods for airborne threat tracking. Last at Zebra Technologies, Toronto.

  • Jenni Lam

    Undergraduate Thesis Student (2018)

    Jenni worked on modifying our deep network for sun detection, Sun-BCNN. Now Senior Engineer at Realtime Robotics in Boston.

  • Luke Volpatti

    Undergraduate Research Student (2017)

    Luke worked on improving our suite of sensor calibration tools and updating our demonstration software. Now at Citadel, Chicago.

  • Xinyi Li

    Mitacs Globalink Student (2017)

    Xinyi built navigation and mapping software for our self-driving wheelchair. Last at Zhejiang University.

  • Lingzhu Xiang

    Ph.D. Student (2017)

    Lingzhu’s research focused on visual navigation in dynamic environments. Last at Google in Toronto.

  • Jennifer Sun

    Undergraduate Thesis Student (2017)

    Currently a Ph.D. student in Prof. Aaron Ames’ AMBER lab at Caltech, Los Angeles.

  • Ningwen Xu

    Master's Exchange Student (2017)

    Last at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

  • Willie Hsieh

    Undergraduate Thesis Student (2017)

    Now a SATCOM Engineer at Honeywell Aerospace, Ottawa (Kanata).

  • Christine Lee

    Undergraduate Thesis Student (2017)

    Now Satellite Operations Specialist at Kepler Communications, Toronto.

  • Johnny (Ze Yang) Wang

    Undergraduate Thesis Student (2017)

    Now a Software Development Engineer at Amazon, Toronto.

  • Jason Yang

    Undergraduate Thesis Student (2017)

    Last at Synapticon in Stuttgart, Germany.

  • Jacob Lambert

    Master's Student (2017)

    Jacob developed automatic lidar-camera self-calibration software. Now a PhD student at Nagoya University, Japan.

  • Yuan Liang

    Master's Exchange Student (2016)

    Last at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

  • Farid Akhoundov

    Undergraduate Thesis Student (2016)

    Now a Software Engineer at General Motors, Toronto.

  • Wei-Kang Tseng

    Undergraduate Research Student (2016)

    Wei-Kang helped to develop a trajectory design interface for ROS. Now an M.A.Sc. student in Prof. Tim Barfoot’s group at UTIAS.

  • Julian Coelho

    Undergraduate Thesis Student (2016)

    Now a Software Development Engineer at Amazon.com in Seattle, Washington.

  • Rahul Goel

    Undergraduate Thesis Student (2016)

    Now at PheedLoop, a startup he co-founded during his undergraduate studies.

  • Alice Gong

    Undergraduate Thesis Student (2016)

    Alice worked on our autonomous wheelchair project. Now a Software Engineer at Google, Montreal.

  • Charlie Guan

    Undergraduate Thesis Student (2016)

    Charlie worked on our autonomous wheelchair project. Now at Apple in Cupertino, California.

  • Tim Tang

    Undergraduate Thesis Student (2016)

    Now a Ph.D. student with Prof. Paul Newman at the Oxford Robotics Institute, UK.

  • Fei Yu

    Master's Exchange Student (2015)

    Last at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

  • Faizan Rehmatullah

    Undergraduate Thesis Student (2015)

    Now a Member of the Technical Staff, Mission Systems, at MDA, Toronto (Brampton).