Philippe Nadeau

Ph.D. Student
Department: ,

I envision a future where robots will have the ability to interact intelligently and safely with their environment using perception, prior knowledge, common sense and reasoning. A wise usage of these robots, combined with foresighted politics, will reduce socio-economic inequalities and our environmental footprint.

My current research direction lies at the intersection of perception and planning with an emphasis on efficient algorithms that make use of models in order to be fast enough to be deployed on real robots in human-centric environments.

So far, I had the chance to perform research in many incredible laboratories such as the Control and Robotics (CoRo) laboratory at ETS with Prof. Vincent Duchaine, the Embodied Dexterity Group (EDG) at UC Berkeley with Prof. Hannah Stuart, the Orthopedics and Imaging Laboratory (LIO) at ETS with Prof. Rachid Aissaoui and the STARS Laboratory at the University of Toronto with Prof. Jonathan Kelly.

I earned my Bachelor degree from the École de Technologie Supérieure (ETS) in the Department of Systems Engineering. At ETS, I was enrolled in Automated Manufacturing Engineering, which focus on industrial robotics, mechatronics and control. I then joined the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS) where I am currently pursuing a PhD degree in robotics with the STARS Laboratory directed by Prof. Jonathan Kelly.