Canadian Planetary Emulation Terrain Energy-Aware Rover Navigation Dataset released!

We’re excited to announce the release of our University of Toronto Canadian Planetary Emulation Terrain Energy-Aware Rover Navigation Dataset. The dataset was gathered by a small, four-wheeled rover at a planetary analog test facility in Canada. The rover was equipped with a suite of sensors designed to enable the study of energy-aware navigation and path planning algorithms. Our International Journal of Robotics Research data paper is available here.

The dataset includes more than 14,000 colour omnidirectional stereo panoramas captured from a synchronized 10-camera cluster and 16,000 high-resolution monocular terrain images. IMU, pyranometer (solar irradiance), drive power consumption, wheel encoder, and GPS measurements are also included. All data are presented in human-readable text files and as standard-format images; additional Robot Operating System (ROS) parsing tools and several georeferenced aerial maps of the test environment are also included. The full dataset is accessible from:

Happy roving!