Kicking Off the Robotics Revolution in Myanmar
Professor Kelly recently travelled to Myanmar to teach students in Yangon about basic robotics concepts. The program with run in cooperation with Phandeeyar, a local startup accelerator.

University of Toronto Engineering News : ‘Knowledge is Transformative’: UTIAS Professor Teaches Robotics in Myanmar
Drone Outreach Program for Northern Ontario
Led by Professor Craig Steeves at UTIAS, we recently launched a program to deliver several online and in-person lectures/workshops to expose high school students in Northern Ontario (including those from Indigenous communities) to the technologies behind autonomous aerial vehicles (‘drones’).

University of Toronto Engineering News : UTIAS Researchers Launch Drone Outreach Program in Thunder Bay
Low-cost Navigation Systems for Near-Term Assistive Applications
Our work on low-cost navigation systems for near-term assistive applications has received significant media attention.

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